[Welcome] New Members for August 10, 2015

Please welcome our newest members…

Stacy Kay Freeman
Haslet, Texas. USA

I come from a family of artists, so I am a painter as well as a
metalsmith mostly taught by my dad. I started making beaded jewelry
in the mid 1990’s mostly as a hobby that I gave away as gifts or
sold to friends and family. I got married in 2000 and started a
family shortly after, and I set my jewelry making aside for a few
years. I never lost the bug (or strong urge) to get back to making
jewelry. I like every piece of mine to be as original as possible;
making as many of the silver components as possible. One day in
2005, I came across an article about PMC and I was fascinated! I
jumped in taking every online course I could and reading as much as
I could. I started selling my jewelry on EBay and at craft fairs,
and my paintings on Etsy. Always one to want to learn new things, I
took an interest in traditional silversmithing as well. I enjoyed
both forms of working with silver, but due to some health issues (and
a very unsupporive husband) I once again had to set it aside. Fast
forward to 2015 and while going through a divorce after 15 years of
marriage, recovering from a stem cell transplant in 2014, and losing
my dad to cancer, who taught me just about everything I know about
art; I sought refuge once again in jewelry and silversmithing. It’s
the best form of therapy for me and I am constantly on the quest to
learn new things and discover new techniques. When I discovered
Ganoksin, I felt like I hit the lottery with the knowledge base
here. I hope to gain new techniques and knowledge here, and maybe
share some of my own. It’s nice to find a place with people who
share the same interests as well as connecting and learning from
other artists.

Jeana Schneider
Green Bay, WI. USA

I have been a bench jeweler since 2003. I am always looking for new
tips, fun tools or new ideas!