[Welcome] New Members for April 5, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

Mke Rothstein
Reliable larimar
Sheffield, MA. USA

Larimar wholesale stone dealer.

Millicent Lewis
Springville, UT. USA

I found this site when looking for good about copper
patinas. No where else has anyone discussed these issues so
thoroughly. I am a designer and sculptor and while I am not a
jeweler (yet) I am always interested in new methods and techniques.
I’ve done a little PMC work and lots of beadwork, (including original
designs and teaching.) My most recent project is sculpting
bas-reliefs of the beautiful scenery of Utah and cold-casting it in
copper and aluminum. I’ll post pictures on my website when I’ve
tackled the lacquer vs. wax issue :slight_smile: I also build puppets and custom
caricature bobble-heads as well as fine art commissions. I am a
mold-maker and resin-caster.

Anat Golan
Johanessburg, Gauteng. South Africa

I make glass beads and am doing goldsmithing.

Warren John Moeller
e-bu jewelry
Ubud, Gianyar, Bali. Indonesia


Robbin and I sailed to Bali 4 years ago after 30 years of sailing
and supporting ourselves with our hands. Our jewelry reflects a
fondness for natural materials and textures and the influence of
living with many different cultures. We exhibit once a year in the
States at the Pueblo Gem Show in Tucson and distribute through a
sailor pal in Hawaii. Please check us out on Facebook/e-bu. Or follow
our adventures at; e-bujewelry.blogspot.com

Ganoksin, thank you being here

Liza Nechamkin-Glasser
Nechamkin Silver Studios, LLC
Andover, NJ. USA

I worked as a silversmith-chaser for Tiffany&co in the Holloware
Department for 13 years. Prior to that I studied at RIT where I
earned my BFA in metalsmithing. I specialize in highly ornamental
chasing and repousse work and love to teach classes on the subject.
Currently I maintain a silversmithing shop in which I produce custom
silver jewelry, holloware and Flatware, as well as custom hand forged
chasing tools. In addition to this I do alot of antique silver
restoration. For the last 3 years or so I have worked with Ikohe Inc
in developing a set of chasing tools which I designed, for
manufacture and retail sale. I am pleased that they have finally
begun to produce them and they are available through Otto Frei. It
has been an exciting process for me.