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[Welcome] New Members for April 4, 2011

Orchid Circulation: 11,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Elizabeth L. Rosenblum
GaijinDragonSlayer, LTD
New York, NY. USA

Hello: Part of a ridiculously broad design and production firm whose
output includes web and book design, clothing, and metalwork the
character of which is somewhere between fine art and production.
Favored techniques include arcane chain structures and
electroforming. Work is not gender or function determined. For all
that the scale associated with jewelry; which is to say the human
body- rocks.

Regina Gabrielson
Topeka, KS. USA

I live in Kansas, my husband & I have been married almost 41 years.
We have 2 sons who married 2 women who have become daughters. They
have gifted us with 3 perfect grandsons & a perfect granddaughter. I
worked for Hallmark Cards 35 years before retiring for health
reasons. Now I spend most of my time caring for my husband who has a
ton of medical problems. But we are so blessed & thankful for our
family. I am not a jewelry artist, but have a great interest in the
art. I am amazed how things are made. One idea for 1 item will lead
me to another. I am a crazy quilter, rosary maker & repair rosaries
for people. Not for money but for the mission to make the rosaries
usable again. So, that has lead me to vintage beads, you know how it
goes, from 1 thing to another. My other 2 interests are collecting
peace & peace related items. This I have been dong since the 60’s. I
also have an email list & send out a reminders to send a postcard to
those in the Military from the US to thank them protecting our
freedoms. I have gotten the newsletter for some time but am trying to
find time to read more of the articles & see the amazing work in the
galleries. I would love to take courses about I am
learning a great deal by reading the site info. Thanks to all of you
who are so generous with your talent &

Hello Regina,

I like to personally welcome those few of us who live in Kansas. I’m
in MHK and have been enjoying Orchid for… gee, it must be 15 years
or so. Don’t be afraid to post and if you want to communicate
offline, so do.

Judy in Kansas, who has just started the day with killing dandelions -
hardy little buggers!