[Welcome] New Members for April 4, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

Becky Goodrich
Toledo, OH. USA

Witness for nature, artist by heart.

Stephanie Brown
Stephanie Brown Designs
Manchester, Lancs. U


I am a UK jewellery designer based in Manchester, with a studio
boutique in The Manchester Craft and Design Centre. Inspired by
nature, my latest collection focuses on seeds and seed pods. I use a
variety of techniques, including etching and press forming, and work
predominantly in silver.

Marie Gabbard
Hendersonville, TN. USA

Hello All,

I am a jewelry designer and own a small retail jewelry business. I
am also an adjunct computer instructor at a local college as well as
a web designer. Now there is a combination for you.

I found the site via the resources sections from the book Wrap It
Up, by Linda Chandler and Christine Ritchey and they had such rave
reviews of the site, that I had to check it out. Having browsed
around, I’m very happy that I did.

I am here more to lurk and learn than to contribute, as I am a
relative novice in the professional jewelry world, but will hop in
if I have something useful to share.

Thank you for the forum. I am looking forward to the digest. Marie

Craig S Harne
Bozeman, Mt. USA

I’m currently a college student graduating this spring. I play
around with making jewelry in my spare time. I’m interested in
learning more and after finding this site knew I could find loads of