[Welcome] New Members for April 27, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Robert McCoy
Dubuque, Iowa. USA

40 years in the business. designing and making jewelry for 38years.
always in a small town, always independent stand alone shop.
basically self taught using many reference and instruction books and
buying my mistakes. matrix user (my son) to streamline and expand

Rafael Llerena
Miami, FL. USA

just starting in this jewelry its fun and trying to learn.

Todd J Ellis
Haliburton, Ontario. Canada

I have been a silversmith for 15 years and I am looking to ask
Questio about the same

Ono Donahue
Chicago, IL. USA

interested in jewelry

Mia Benson
West Fork, Arkansas. USA

Hello ya’ll, no I’m not from the south, but I have lived here so
long sometimes I feel like I am southern born. In reality my heart
is in the West. I grew up and went to high school in Colorado and
still have family living there and in Arizona and Nevada. So I guess
you could say I have Western roots. And thus evolved my love of
Native American history, art, jewelry, and pottery. Currently I am a
Beader and just starting again after many many years doing
silvermithing. I have resurected my Mother’s old jewelry making
tools and am happily blundering along.

Susan Fancy
Laughing Waters Studios
Dexter, MI. USA

Hello! I’m a large scale glass artist who has always been fascinated
with metal on glass, and metal. I’m following this interest, after
many years of dreaming about it…and am taking a basic
metalsmithing class. I’d love to make vessels, objects and jewelry
from silver, copper, and glass. I have really appreciated the effort
that has gone into this website and those who contribute to it.

Salli Weston
Saint Paul, MN. USA

Hi, I am new to jewelry making and am mainly interested in doing
reproductions of medival and rennaissance pieces. I work doing
roadway design and this is a new hobby for me.

Dave Mayer
Damichi Designs
Streamwood, IL. USA

I am a gemologist/appraiser who is now starting to learn benchwork
and looking at getting into CAD/CAM. I presently manage an
independent jewelery store.