[Welcome] New Members for April 25, 2012

Orchid Circulation: 13,000 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Audrey Morgan
The Little Magpie jewellery
Ajax, Canada

Store manager by day…aspiring silversmith by night. I’m definitely
a beginner, but I’m having great fun. I’ve ‘re-tooled’ my studio and
am enjoying the process of taking my jewellery to a whole new level.

…and I think I’ll have lots of questions!

Jessica A Scofield
Portland, Oregon. USA

I joined Orchid in 2005 but dropped out after a while, and so I
thought I’d re-introduce myself. I’ve been working part-time on my
own jewelry designs and part-time in a grocery store for the last
five years, and I am just now realizing that this is not the way I
want things to be. I want to be making jewelry full-time, and since I
cannot afford to work solely on my own business, I am focusing on
getting a job as a bench jeweler and setting aside my own design
work. I hope to learn a lot from all the real jewelers here on
Orchid; the business still intimidates and confuses me. Jessica