[Welcome] New Members for April 23, 2014

Please welcome our newest members…

Suleiman Miller
Johannesburg, Gauteng. South Africa

My name is Suleiman Miller, 40 years of age married with two kids
aged 17 & 15. Jewellery manufacturer & diamond polishing are matters
I have always loved dearly and have always kept in touch with while
in pursuit of family business as it required my utmost attention in
the early years as I were the only son my father sought succession,
although not his only son. I devoted myself to this ideal
whole-heartedly with a single minded focus and naturally found great
success. I am now in a position to devote more and more time to a
deep passion I have always had - the art of polishing rough diamonds
and crafting gold jewellery especially gold bangles and chains - no
other metal & no other item I am hopeful I could find myself through
this forum. I have already purchased a fair amount of equipment and
fairly ready to begin.

Oh Teachers…

The Student is ready…

Kelly Noonan
Arlington, TX. USA

Kelly Noonan is an independent artist in jewelry. She received her
Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from what was then North Texas State
University now known as The University of North Texas. Her degree
focused in Crafts with a concentration in Jewelry Making and
Metalworking. Her first position was a pprenticing under Cynthia
Thomas, Master Caster, out of California. As a goldsmith her most
notably work was on custom gold and diamond jewelry with expertise
in casting and finishing. Kelly practiced jewelry making for the
first 10 years of work life. After which she pursued higher
education recei ving an MBA in Marketing and a Master of Science in
Marketing Research from The University of Texas at Arlington. After
10 years of corporate work she has returned to her passion, creating
works of art.

Barbara Gardner
Lynbrook, New York. USA

I am retired and started designing jewelry as a hobby many years
ago. I enjoy wearing my one of a kind designs, and find it difficult
to part with them, therefore I don’t sell often. I do, however, very
much enjoy showing my work and belong to some guilds which afford me
the opportunity to "show, " and to share thoughts and ideas with
other artists and craftspersons.

Rae E Gerardi-Mercer
Tonawanda, NY. USA

I am a 55 year old woman who is about to start making and selling

Elsa Lee
Taoyuan County, Taiwan

A metal artist in Taiwan.

Amy Marie Sandager
Ossian, IA. USA

I’m a student at the Texas Inst. of Jewelry Technology, and am the
third generation of my family to go into the jewelry and watchmaking
industry. My interests lie in Russian and Eurasian jewelry, as well
as estate appraisal.

Lecia Jeanne Woessner
Easton, Maryland. USA

Hello Everyone! I’m Lecia & my jewelry blog is CopperRoses at
blogspot.com. I’m relatively new to the online world of jewelry
design & all that it encompasses. I live in a really small town on
the Eastern Shore of Maryland & because there’s really nothing around
here that’s even remotely geared toward learning any type of jewelry
making & design, etc, I’m self-taught! I scour the web daily in
search of tutorials, techniques & tips and actually, I’m very
grateful to all of you that have come before me who have been very
generous in sharing so much to help a stuggling newbie!!! I’m
currently worki ng on expanding my metalsmithing skills (ugh! I’ve
got a long way to go!) and my collection of tools (I’ve got a long
way to go with that as well!). Today in my web travels, I have been
directed here & WOW, I’m excited!!! I am looking forward to spending
some time checking out the site and all of t he that’s
being offered here! Thank you to everyone that contributes! It’s nice
meeting everyone!

Ashley Jill McGee
Austin, TX. USA

Hello! My name is Ashley McGee, and I make jewelry under the name
Electric Eye Jewelry. I work primarily with sterling silver and
bezel set stones. I’m located in Austin, Texas.

Richard John Ward
Guangzhou, Guangdong. China

Director of a jewellery findings, metal beads and glass beads
wholesale business.

Based full time in Guangzhou and serving clients in Uk and