[Welcome] New Members for April 23, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

Sabra Hardy
New york, New york. USA

If i don’t see through my artistic self i will never be happy. this
is my last chance. i’ve been buoyed by Tim McCreight forever i admire
his friendship. Wait-listed in 1982 had to raise my child whos’ a
successful artist (runs in families) i’m back. i don’t want to go to
school again but i’ve found a 240 hour intensive course for $4,000. i
won’t have to begin again, i have some pieces on photobucket, i’ve
been using precious metal clay. but i will not be happy until i
completely immerse myself so i’m getting ready to take Kristin
Hansons classes. this will be about 5 months of hands on - one on
one. i want to see if after all this i can market myself. i want to
find ingenious tools like the “C” clamp vulcanizer and other things
that will help me a novice with alot of heart. presently i’m making
photopolymer plates stamps using a uv light for use with polymer
clays and precious metal clay, im wondering if i can use the stamp to
imprint wax or ways to make mold silicone or otherwise to give a
fresh look to designing. i ultimately want my jewelry to match my
textile art i want to marry both. so that a person can purchase a
quilted silk handbag and the design on the handbag will match the
jewelry to a “T”.

Anya Almira

hey. im anya almira. im indonesian, but im interested and studying
jewellery design in Singapore. So i joined this forum to wider my
knowledge for techniques and all jewelleries info.

Anne Smarzik
Relics Jewelry
San Antonio, TX. USA


I majored in Studio Art in the 70’s. I studied design, life drawing,
painting, pen & ink, printmaking, pottery, sculpture, and textiles,
but my main field of interest was jewelry. After college my life
took a different path than I planned. Now in my 50’s, after taking a
giant detour, I got myself back on track and built a great studio
about 5 years ago. I’ve been stocking it with tools and equipment
ever since. I’m interested in all aspects of jewelry design,
techniques, and methods of construction, especially combining
various materials. I’m thrilled with all the interesting new
products and tools available - especially the ones that give you the
ability to achieve the results you need without toxic chemicals.