[Welcome] New Members for April 21, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Florencia Vetcher

Starting a NY jewelry company

Susan Sligar
Myrtle Creek, OR. USA

I’m completely self-taught. I started bead work in 1996, then to
wire work and metal clay, and in January of 2009, started teaching
myself silversmithing. I love all aspects of this work, which is why
it doesn’t feel like work at all. Ganoksin is an amazing tool for
someone like me. I truly appreciate the founders’ vision, time and
effort to bring us this Web site, and the willingness and effort of
contributors who bring it full circle, providing an effective
sharing project for the betterment of all who are
interested and involved. I fully intend to give back any knowledge
that I may have which may help someone in their own venture. Here’s
to continued learning for all!

Boni Pienups
Emery, USA

Fulltime RV, bead and wire hobbiest.

Catherine Bilson
Queensland. Australia


I have been making jewellery for 7 years. I started as many amateurs
do, with a fw beads on a strand of memory wire, and have taught
myself almost entirely from there on. I learned wire wrapping from
books and DVD’s, took 4 2-hour lessons in basic silversmithing, and
love to try out new techniques.

I’m a tools junkie as well and have to restrain myself from buying
every tool needed for projects that I’ll probably never even try.

George Poblocki
New Franken, WI. USA

I have been taking some classes in my area, mostly at night. I find
creating jewelry interesting and love the detail work. I want to
learn as much as I can as someday I would like to sell my work.

Hans Schick
Portland, OR. USA

Hi Orchids, I’ve been carving waxes for about 30 years and lurking on
Orchid for 3. Hopefully, I can begin to pay back all the valuable
bits I have found herein.