[Welcome] New Members for April 20, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

Alton Appleton
Jerb’s Custom Jewelry
Hobbs, NM. USA

I have been doing jewelry repairs and custom jewelry for twenty four
years. Was doing it on a part time basis til recently and went to
work fpr Jerb’s Custom Jewelry three months ago.

L. Sue Szabo
Toledo, Ohio. USA


I’m a studio metalsmith/jeweler in toledo. I am interested in
fabrication, enameling, resin and alternative materials and just
about all aspects of metalsmithing. I’ve been doing this about 12

Peggy Jo Donahue
Attleboro Falls, MA. USA

I am truly enjoying handling both communications and public affairs
issues for Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America. I think
jewelry makers are amazing, extraordinary and unique - and I love
helping MJSA provide supportive services to them.

Kathleen Ann Thomas
Cincinnati, Ohio. USA

I have been a student at Revere Academy since January. Prior to that
I had no experience in making or designing jewelry. I am very excited
about my new adventure in the Jewelry world!