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[Welcome] New Members for April 2, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Patrick O’Brien
New South Wales, Australia

I am retired and a member of Grafton Gem/Lapidary club. My interests
are fossicking for gemstones and interesting rocks which I turn into
jewellery pieces. I am an amateur silversmith and interested in
jewellery creation techniques. I have been regularly writing of my
adventures and experiences i n our national magazine, Australian Gold
Gem & Treasure magazine for the past 25 years. My wife,Maureen, and
I also operate a weekend market stall selling our jewellery & rocks
to pay for our hobby.

Sally Graddon
Ilfracombe, Devon. UK,

I have recently stared to sell some of my jewellery. Chainmaille is
my main passion and I also do a bit of pearl stringing.

Peggy Kinnetz
Louisville, KY. USA

I’m a new member, & beginner, having had a short course in
metalsmithing that just touched on the basics. I’m looking to gain
more knowledge and experience but am rather overwhelmed with so much
to learn. Just trying to get together some basic bench supplies and
tools. I 'm waitng on my torch to be delivered, but I’m scared silly
about bringing home the acetelene tank of gas in my car. Any
suggestions? What is the best way to secure it for the drive home?
Safety using the torch was barely mentioned. How do I hook up the
regulator to the tank. And what do the dials tell me? Peggy

Cari Rosen
Shepherdstown, WV. USA

Hello! I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, artist,
designer, metal worker,and a shop owner. I live in a very liberal,
very small college town full of very interesting people who love the
arts (myself included). I grew up in this town and still reside here
to this day, I love it! I grew up surrounded by art, my mother is an
art teacher, my grandmother a painter and a fiber artist, and my
grandfather a woodworker. I also married into an artistic family with
my husband an art school grad., his mother and sister both paint as
well. I taught elementary school for 8 years, in that time I obtained
my masters in Education Administration. I had twin girls 4 and a half
years ago and with their birth also sprung forward the birth of a
whole new career, jewelry making. I started out beading, and that led
me into silver work. I learned to form metal using only a hammer and
fell in love with the simple act of shaping, texturing and forming
silver! I currently hand stamp sterling silver with quotes, sayings,
dates, names and designs. I also create other custom pieces using
hand made rivets, wire wrapping. I desperately want to learn how to
solder, but am a bit intimidated to just try it on my own! I am in
the process of opening a custom shop in my town, hopefully to be
opened at the end of May, beginning of June. I am here to learn from
others and to share what I know with anyone who may be interested! I
believe that when you teach someone else what you know, it
strengthens your knowledge as well, I love to teach! I also love to
share sources, ideas, and knowledge so feel free to ask me anything,
for I won’t be shy in asking you!

Jill Rockwell
Backyard beads
Victoria, BC. Canada

I am a mixed media artist working in jewelry.

Sally Stoddard Mack
Keene, NH. USA

Started jewelry making 25 years ago and finally picked up metal
smithing again. I mostly work in silver, but have worked with gold
as well. Still more or less a novice in the realm of metal working.

Mark Wilson
Worcester, UK

hi im mark, looking to start making jewellery in titanium

Cathleen Bunt
Kihei, Hawaii. USA

Hi, I actually think I joined a long time ago, but have stopped
getting the emails.

I’m a jewelry designer living in Maui. I’ve been in the industry for
about 30 years. I’ve done lots of trade shows, had a retail store,
and now work from my home. I produce both gold and silver jewelry as
well as custom. I’d like to know more about what’s going on in the
industry. I’m hoping I’ve come to the right place.

Robert Victor Martin
Evansville, Indiana. USA,

I’m 52 years old. I’m retired, drawing disability. I like to draw
and paint. Im looking into jewelry making on a friend’s advice.

I like Bone; Horn; and Antler–hope to work up to Ivory eventually.
I also enjoy working with Fruitwoods.

I’m a pretty fair Oxy-Acetalene Welder. I’m saving to buy one of the
Smith Jewler’s OFW Torches and see what I can make it do.

I’m also a resonably good machinist, and have an interest in Home
Made Firearms.

I am a member of Love Temple Church of God in Christ {C.O.G.I.C.}