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[Welcome] New Members for April 18, 2012

Orchid Circulation: 13,000 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Kenneth Brian Eatwell
Calne, UK

I am the Uk inventor of my metall-fx polymer metal and i am now on a
quest to make my own polymer metal clays

Eric Jensen
Portland, USA

I like shiny things, and am enrolled in a faceting class. Would like
to learn about working with titanium to make earings for my wife.

Peter Charlesworth
Peter Charlesworth Ltd
Auckland, New Zealand

I am a retired surgeon, now working as an antique furniture restorer
after undergoing “re-training”.

Andrea Krause
Andrea’s Wired Designs
Palatine, IL. USA

I make one of a kind pieces of jewelry using combinations of chain
mail, wire work, beading, enameling, PMC, and riveting. I am
extremely curious and always ready to try a new material or
technique. I gift and sell my creations to friends, friends of
friends, co-workers and family. I love being inspired and learning
from fellow artists.