[Welcome] New Members for April 17, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Jill Bugni
Coral Birds Nest
Tulare, CA. USA

I retired from teaching art after 36 years and worked on my jewelry
business selling to various stores throughout California. I make
one-of-a-kind custom strung pieces using sterling silver and
semi-precious stones. In the four years that I have been doing this
full time, I have slowly become more professional. I now have
printed business cards, a bio card, and a new Web site. I continually
learn how to take better pictures of my pieces, and have a large
inventory of over 1,000 pieces organized on my computer. I really
enjoy the creative part of the jewelry designing, and have gotten
great i deas from my clients and friends. The business part takes
just as long if not longer, but I need to be organized. My biggest
challenge is in finding new outlets for my jewelry. Since I began
full time I have lost nearly 20 stores to closure. Many more have
been cutting way back due to the economy. I have been trying to get
my jewelry into outlets outside of California, but haven’t as yet
succeeded. I have acceptable success when I am able to show my work
in person, but trying to get an appointment in an up-scale boutique
or accessories store is often very difficult. If anyone has any
suggestions, I would truly appreciate the help.