[Welcome] New Members for April 14, 2015

Please welcome our newest members…

Maura May
Hastings On Hudson, NY. USA

I am a student jeweler.

Debra Desrosiers
Hopkinsville, KY. USA

I have always loved jewelry. From the plastic rings of my youth to
the gold and diamond rings of adulthood. Designing a making jewelry
has always been a dream of mine and now I am starting to make it a
reality. I am constantly reading or viewing videos about working
with different metals and stones. As my space is limited-a corner in
my living room-I am concentrating on items that do not need
machining. Taking classes if also an option but I would rather learn
on my own.

I am good with my hands a enjoy making things. Nothing gives me more
satisfaction then a well made item. Whether it is made of fiber,
wood, metal or a mash up of mixed media.

I am looking forward to learning and creating the many images
floating around in my mind.

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