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[Welcome] New Members for April 12, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Hartley Holder
Orleans, Canada

Just another metalsmith working in the luxury jewellery industry for
the past 25years. I figured it time to find some like minded people
to hang with and get some ideas about making a different kind of

I just want to create jewellery that is a lot different than what I
sell everyday,also I,m looking for a parttime job to pay the extra
bill we all have and it would be fun to make some jewellery with a
little bit of a twist so if you don’t mind sharing I’m all ears. P.S
I’m also new to internet stuff so I have a lot to learn. Does anyone
knows where you can find some good Black,Brown and Beige diamondse

Neeta Jsk
Lahti, Finland

Studying goldsmithing in Lahti, Finland, graduating in spring 2010.
Always curious and hungry for new experiences and influences,
including working abroad after school (I hope!).

Cristine McCutcheon
Inspired by~the~sea
Carmel, CA. USA

I’ve been working in gold & silver for most of my life. All my work
is hand forged, formed & fabricated. I incorporate coloured
ancient coins, ancient beads, beach finds~moonstones,
drift wood, bones, into my work. I love working w/ metal & it wasn’t
until the past 10 years that I could devote most of my time doing
that. Unfortunatey, it also corresponds w/ the rapid onset of
arthritis & the crippling of my hands. My work hasn’t suffered but
I’m not as prolific as I once was.

Nino Rostomashvili
Tbilisi, Georgia

Hi I’m Nino 38 years old Georgian woman. My profession is
Biophysics, but last 9 years work for international freight
forwarding company. Enameling is my hobby at the moment, attended 2
month course 2 years ago. I’m not fully satisfacted with all I
learned, as had no time because of my work, to attend lessons twice a
week, so when I purchased all needed equipment to proceed by myself
with enameling, I faced many problems and unsolved queries. So I was
searching for useful online guide and found this website, which I
liked so much, that I desire to join and understand more by reading
articles and suggestions from your site.

You’re really very helpful and wish you all success.