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[Welcome] New Members for April 10, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Kelly Lyons
KLD Corp.
Laguna Beach, CA. USA

Jewelry has long been my main vehicle of creative expression. Though
I have explored many mediums, gems and precious metals remain my
great love. I have been drunk with the desire to bring forth their
beauty for as long as I can remember. Its been 19 years on my path to
Master Jeweler. Most of my skills are self taught; its as though they
have always been there. The majority of my career has been spent
creating one of a kind and custom works. There is rarely a plan.
Where inspiration leads, I follow. Its always been this way. I put my
heart into each and every piece, creating works that I believe will
stand the test of time and be treasured as they are handed down
through the generations for their loving care. I am truly blessed to
be able to bring to life divine inspiration and express my God given
talents through creating jewelry.

Mary C Harrison
CC Designs
Houston, TX. USA

Beginning jeweler in Houston, TX., and I just completed my first 3
day introduction to silversmithing class in Salida, CO.

Warren John Sommerfeld
W&J Sommerfeld
Redland City, Queensland. Australia

I’m 49 years old and been working as a manufacturing jeweller for 33
years,and still learning. For the last 9 years I have worked from
home.I do repairs and hand-makes for various retail jewellery
stores.My specialities are high priced diamond engagement rings and
custom made pieces, totaly hand- made.

Vanessa Garrett
Green Simplicity
Labelle, FL. USA

Me: current but soon to be former teacher. Not because of the kiddos,
cause I do love those things, but just the way education has changed
in my state. I’ve always played with metalsmithing, so…with a
change needed, I’m jumping headfirst. Either way, It’ll be the
biggest mistake of my life/career or the jump to a path of happiness
and fulfillment, but the only way of knowing…so, here I go!