[Welcome] New Members for April 1, 2011

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Kate Freeman
Wildsang Arts
Boulder Creek, CA. USA

I am an artist who live in the mountains of California. I love many
aspects of the creative process. I have been working in the jewelery
field since around 1983. For the last few years I have been focusing
on a music career. Our tradition blues duo is called WILDSANG. I
have been terribly missing the internal creative energy that happens
while sitting at the bench wax carving. So! all those pages of
designs that I have been saying “Ima gonna do um soon” are on the
bench and pieces are starting to manifest. As I said I live way up
in the mountains so I hoping this site will be inspirational and
helpful. I look for connecting with other artist and seeing your

Sharon Elizabeth Cornthwaite
Cardog Design
Bega, NSW. Australia


i live in rural new south wales, australia, in a region famous for
its cheese production. i do not make cheese.i run a jewellery
workshop and studio where i teach silversmithing techniques and
produce my very varied range of jewellery and small objects. my
studio also houses my hoard of "found "objects. ( not so much found,
as hunted down and captured ) these range from taxidermy eyes to
antique playing tokens to fantastic minerals and i
describe my creative process as grabbing things down from the
maelstrom of ideas whirling around my head, that and having to have
at least two of anything before i can use it…