Welcome, Neil George

Aloha Neil, Nice to see another modelmaking service bureau /
manufacturing consultant / reseller, on Orchid. How is the
response to your website? I know a few people that have used or
are planning to use your stereolithography services. The ones
that have used it, are very happy with the results. I am looking
forward to your input in the discussion of cutting edge
manufacturing technologies. Good luck in your endeavors and
welcome to Orchid. You couldn’t have found a better group
people, than can be found here.

Best Regards,
Christian Grunewald
Precision Modelmaking

P.S. Please explain the resolution of you milling machine and software, at
$2600, and tell the truth, You get what you pay for or NOT!!!

Dear Christian,

Firstly thank you for the greeting and nice to hear from you
again. Secondly in response to your comment shown below,

P.S.  Please explain the resolution of you milling machine and
software, at $2600, and tell the truth, You get what you pay
for or NOT!!!!!!!! 

Why is every one so concerned by resolution, there is no way in
a million years that anyone doing this by hand is ever going to
come close. Therefore in response to the resolution issue more
that sufficient. About the telling the truth side of it, I really
could not care less if anyone buys this or not. My business is
the model making side of things and the Service Bureau. I put a
very healthy amount of money in my pocket daily doing this, so
if you think that I need to mislead anyone to make myself a
couple of extra bucks you are greatly mistaken. This forum and
talking with people happens to be my hobby and I get great
satisfaction in helping anyone that wants to listen. (My wife
is sick of hearing it so I have to tell someone lmao) Thirdly just
because someone tells you that they have a great product it
might not be the right product for that particular business. The
fact that people put a psychological label on items saying it’s
developed for jewelry, seems to give them the right to charge the
industry twice as much for products that normally would not sell
for that. There are also a great deal of over rated, and over
priced packages that really do not have the tenth of the power
that other products in the market place have for far less money.
The world is full of salesman that will tell what they think you
want to hear, and that is deineatly not me. I will throw out the
challenge, that those people who have done business with me or
who have spoken to me personally to give the forum their 2 cents
worth. If anything of detriment comes back…I will personally
print this out and eat the damn thing.

Best regards.
Neil George.

Both resolution and backlash contribute to the accuracy with
which parts can be cut. The third major factor is the rigidity of
the milling machine. Small CNC milling machines, such as those
based on the Taig or Sherline mills are simply not as accurate as
their larger commercial counterparts. I think Christian is right
in asking about the specifications of the $2600 milling system-
though people are cutting very useful parts on low cost CAD/CAM

Generally, the parts that I cut have small lettering and other
detail that is dependent on resolution for its accuracy. Granted
I can’t produce the same parts by hand, but the machine has very
real limitations as well. CAD/CAM systems are a useful addition
to the model making tool collection, but enhance rather than
replace existing proceedures.

Rick Hamilton