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Welcome - Miriam de Resende Baeta

Hello Miriam,

My name is Jonathan Didde. I am the new Marketing Director at GRS
Engraving Tools. If you are not familiar with us, we are the
manufacturers of the Gravermeister, GraverMax, GraverMate,
Benchmate and Magnablock systems. You may be using our tools. I
just wanted to introduce myself to everyone and also ask you to
visit our webpage sometime. We are still in the process of
building/improving it, so please be patient with us. Also, if you
would like for us to send you a catalog, please e-mail us with you
name, mailing address and telephone number and we’d be glad to get
one out to you. Our new catalog is now in the process of being
printed. Please visit us as or e-mail us at
@glendo We would love to hear from you. Thanks!