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Welcome - Mary Edwards/Precious Metal Arts

Dear Mary:

How fortuitus your message popped up in the morning mail. I have
been attempting to create a studio such as yours here in Boston.
Presently I teach four classes at the Cambridge Adult Ed for nearly
50 students.

During the course of my teaching, I started up Studio Saturdays, a
lab of sorts, to give my students more bench time. I realized that
these Studio Saturdays are very popular and that there could be a
definite need for such a permanent Community Metals Studio for the
Boston area. We have 6 adult ed centers here and three metals
programs. North Bennett Street School (bench jeweler program), The
Museum School (adjunct to the Museum of Fine Arts, four year
program) and the Massachusetts College of Art.

Would you be willing to send me numbers for startup costs, space
requirements, etc. Did you do this on your own or have a business
plan? Do you charge by the hour for bench space?

I would appreciate any input.

Good luck on your space. Let me know how things develop.


Karen Christians
Fly Fish Design
282 Lexington St.
Woburn, MA 01801


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