Welcome Mara Nesbitt-Aldrich

I'm mad about making jewelry. I am partially disabled from a car
wreck two years ago and sat like a lump while healing. I started
taking jewelry making classes at a local bead shop and got excited
by learning how to make beaded bracelets, earrings and necklaces.
Most of my work is custom-made so I'm eager to fulfill the desires
of my clients. I sell on etsy.com whatever I make just to play with
and practice techniques. I like to draw from a "Pastiche" of
supplies and materials and prefer to recycle old jewelry whenever
possible. Please visit my store and feel free to give me an honest,
const ructive critique. Making jewelry- it's saving my life and my
sanity, day by day. 

Mara, I enjoyed looking at your etsy site. The colors of your
jewelry look cheerful and imply that you enjoy doing this, and your
descriptions of your pieces are fun to read. You say that you like
practicing techniques – have you gotten into sawing metal? If you’re
not already familiar with it, you might enjoy the following site:

All the best, in your recovery and your jewelrymaking,

Judy Bjorkman