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Welcome - LZ

Welcome Lz to Orchid Forum

Just hang loose do not get up tight. Any questions you have just
write. The answer I may not have. But I am more than sure some one
else has… In fairness as this is how it works You may contribute
to the help of others…

Welcome again. Must dash. Got to catch a train.

Regards John Drummond (Aurum)

I have been involved with jewerly for 20 years.I do both
lapidary and metal work. … I cut my own stones both cab and faceting
when ever possible.

Are you on Faceter’s Digest? If not, you should give it a try.
It’s everything you ever wanted to know about faceting (for

To join, send email to Jerry Dewbre at:


And welcome to Orchid, which is everything you ever wanted to
know about jewelry (and also free!).


I have been in jewelery repair for 14 years and do custom work
how ever I do not do my own lapidary work. Thank you for the
about the magazine,and the of your
abilities with which I can maybe call on your services to custom
cut some time in the future. thanx Nick.