Welcome - Ludovico Moro

Dear Mr. Moro: by now you probably realise that the list called
“orchid” is a group of jewelers from around the world sharing
technical You may be trying to subscribe to the
mailing list “orchids”, which focuses on orchid culture. You
can find the listserv address for this list at
www.orchids.org/links. it looks like a good list and the site is
a very useful resource.

i am a jeweler on the orchid list who also has a love for
orchids. we live in very sunny but very dry Colorado where it is
possible, but not easy, to grow them. we have some good growers
here and what i do is give them to friends around the country for
gifts. best of luck in learning about their culture…i
think they are a fairly addictive passion.

eve wallace boulder, colorado usa @eve_wallace1