Welcome - Lisa Ruiz

Lisa, I am ALWAYS happy to hear enthusiam from anyone in our
wonderful art. If you have any gold or platinumsmithing needs or
questions if I can be of assistance feel free to contact me at
anytime, on any subject. I do all types of repairs, antiques are a
specialty, custom pieces of any type. I have a shop which I place
at your disposal capable of all but platinum casting and lapidary
work. Email me at @L.M.Flynn until next week, then at
lmflynn@platinumsmith.com (my ISP is reconfiguring my mail account
to my domain name).

L. Michael Flynn
L. Michael Flynn, Platinumsmith
3727 Palm Drive
Punta Gorda, Fl

“Welcome to the trade most respected in the medieval guilds, even
above medicine… What other artist gets the world’s most precious
and beautiful materials to work with… If millers spin flax to
gold, what must a metalsmith create with his or her raw materiel?”