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Welcome - Kerry McCandlish

Kerry - Being a McLeod of Lewis descendant, and a devoted
’Scotiaphile’, I hope to be able to see your designs one day.
Although I am a ‘newbie’, I have aspirations toward Celtic- and
Scottish-patterned designs, myself. Welcome!

Marrin Fleet

Kerry, glad to see you here i thought you were already a
subscriber or i would have directed you here long ago. welcome to


Thanks Kerry for introduction You are most welcome. A New
Zealander by birth and very proud to be My wife from Barrhead
Scotland did attach to me I have to look after all my Celtic Cuzy
Dont blame me blame her That is what love does Welcome to the
forum Kerry Just let us know the usual way Clean hearts and dirty
hands Plastic wrap over the keyboard stands Hard work wins in the

John (aurum)

John (aurum)

Kerry glad to see you on Orchid. This Ron from Texas Will talk to you later, Ron