Welcome - Kaymen Ghio

Hello Kaymen, I am Nina Olney and I recently sent to
a new jeweler about inexpensive classes in all subjects given by an
instructor either at Sierra College or in her studio. The
instructor has 30 years experience in the jewelry trade and does
excellent work. Her studio courses are usually limited to 5-6
people so personnal instructor can be given and the course prices
range from $32.00 - $140.00. She also invites visiting
instructors, many of whom are are working jewelery and have been
featured in Lapidary Journal. Her studio is in auburn where the
students become fast friends. We have established a guild of
working metalsmiths from all over the area and have held one show
and planning two more. Unfortunately, we got the invite for the
big show back east this week and we would need to be ready in July,
to little time. Maybe next year. If you are interested in fun,
friends and a wonderful group of people and instruction, please let
me know and I will send an address for contact.