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Welcome - Ingeborg


The water torch is excellent for repairs and fabrication. But
the flame is very sharp and hot and is not very suitable for

If it is possible to get a natural gas line put into your shop
you can avoid having compressed flammable gas but still need an
oxygen tank.

Good luck,


Welcome to Orchid, Ingeborg!

What is a water torch? I have not heard of it. Can you tell us
how it works, where it can be purchased, or about how much they



  . In  order to avoid keeping gas and oxygen bottles in a city
apartment I play with the idea of purchasing a water torch.

-If You’ve got the money to spend I definately would. I think
they work beautifully, I prefer the Spirflame to the "Hydroflux"

T Goodwin

Hello Ingeborg:

Welcome to this forum.I have used the water torch before and it
is a good tool although it is not really new.It does have its
hazards to take into consideration such as the
methyl-ethyl-ketone that is used as a fluxing agent.It is also
expensive to purchase.I use a oxy./propane setup with a “Little
torch” and did so in my apartment years ago,although I do not
believe the managment would have let me had they known.Good luck
in your search.

Michael Mathews Victoria,Texas USA

Please explain the workings of a “water torch.” I find the
entire concept very confusing . . . (maybe because I’ve never
seen one?)



I feel like I am eavsdropping but I saw this e-mail. I am very
new to jewelry making, the last time I made anything was when I
was 18 and I made a few silver pieces, and a basic shank ring or
two and then experiments in brass and copper, all I know is what
it would take to do those pieces and then it was a long time ago.
I am 45 and pretty healthy other than I have a rare disease and
I have to nap for maybe a half hour every 3-4 hours, that really
is not that bad and then the medicine is crucial BUT the reason
for sharing this is because I need to do something to help me in
two ways. First I am going absolutely crazy with boredom,
actually that is incorrect, going on-line has been a god-send but
I still need to do something more physical and number two I need
to supplement my income to the tune of about $500.00 in about 6
months. Any suggestions at all, I am thinking of taking a couple
classes so I am checking that out soon. Too bad the idea of
apprenticeships aren’t popular these days. By the way I am 40,
and being a product of the 60’s I still have a lot of creativity
and motivation.

Thanks for your time, any suggestions would be so appreciated.


Pamela Gordon

Hi Pam: A good idea to get started with something on an immediate
basis might be to sell over the internet , and then start with
jewelry making on the side slowly, you can find items anywhere
and if you don’t have a computer you can get one reasonably used
that would probably suit your purposes, If you would like to
e-mail me privately I can explain it all to you without boring
everyone else. Sincerely



I’m not so sure that apprenticeships are so out of favor. Check
around. Also, I have a friend who teaches jewelry classes in her
home. Check out your area for something similar. Check out
adult education classes at a local college.

Good Luck,