Welcome - Earl & Pauline Cravens

Hey, Earl and Pauline!

Where abouts do you reside? You sound like rockhounds, and.maybe
if we knew where your center of operations was, someone could
recommend some good places to go rockhounding. I am a rockhound
myself (true confession.) I am finding out that while it is pure
bliss to go hunting a fine stone out in the desert, i frequently
have better luck using the “silver pick”, and buying stones that
have alot of charm for cutting and mounting. I started as a pure
rockhound, but I started to get a backyard full of stones, and my
wife wanted to know what I was going to do, at which point I bought
a used " all in one unit" and started cutting polishing, at which
point I was asked "whatre you going to do with all of those stones
you polished? now I am exploring metalsmithing and have recently
started a business "Dos Manos Jewelry’. Hope you have as much fun
as I am, and if you have any questions, blurt em out, these people
on Orchid are great!!

Dos Manos Jewelry,
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Hello Lee,

Actually, we’re in the northeastern corner of California, closest
town with court house is Alturas, about 20 miles east.

We’ve really had more desire than opportunity in the last 10 or so
years, now we’re getting ready to spend some time “rockhounding”.
We’ve found that our interest is in slicing stones for the pictures
that are found in them (I know, it sounds nuts.). We’ve discussed
different ideas for jewelery using those sliced mini-slabs for
bracelets, anklets, ear-rings, etc. The thing is usually one can
find the mountings for most calibrated pieces, but we are looking
to the oddball size and shape and will have to make them for our
ideas to become realities.

We’ve limited our travels thusfar to the Northern Warner Mts. and
the desert just inside of Nevada, east about 70 miles.

As you can tell, we’ve more interest than knowledge about this and
everything we learn seems to be something new (which probably
doesn’t surprise anyone).

March 14, 1998 address will change to ecravens@hdo.net