Welcome - Dick Friesen

I have been in the hobby/bisness for about 30 years. I teach lapidary for our local
recreation dept. and lapidary/silver-smithing/ casting for our local gem club. I
polish stones for dealers and make a line of cast jewelry. I just had an artical on
polishing jade published in the June 98 “Rock & Gem”.


Congratulations on you R&G article - I just read (got my copy

Could you please give an opinion on what someone has called
“bothyroidal” Jade? I’m from Canada, British Columbia - and we have
Jade galore - but now some people are attempting to market this type of
stone at very highly inflated values, i.e. $$/gram, or $$/carat.
I’ve see such Jade and it basically light green, fully opaque and
appears much like a Boule-like concretion in a matrix of darker colored
Have you heard of it? —what do do you think about it?

BTW, Welcome to this list - we need a Jade expert!.


Joe Bokor