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Welcome - Cindi Picou

Hi Cindi,

I’m also a fairly new starter - I’ve been doing silver smithing
for 2+ Yr by now. I started off buing these expensive gadgets you
just must have - until I realised that you could transform stuff
and that you actually can make a large number of the tools
required. If you look to the average silversmithing studio today
you’ll find that it resembles quite a lot from what the
silversmith used in the medieval times - that’s a nice thought!
If you have time and access to a blacksmith workshop you can make
a large number of items for nothing that would cost you big bucks
buing from craft’s shops. I found quite some inspiration from a
book i found by chanse in the state at my last visit
(Silversmithing by Rupert Finegold & William Seitz get it, borrow
it, your choise but read it) and I found a lot of ideas for
making the stuff you need.

Welcome and Good luck. I hope you’ll find this list just as
usefull as I do - there is a lot of knowledge out there - just
for your picking. RGDS Lars Dahlberg