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Welcome - Chris Weston

Hi Chris,

I just joined this group too and its really a goldmine of of
how to do things. My interest is more in making models of the usual “Guy
Stuff” like tanks and ships. Your post on a hydraulic press and
conforming dies caught my interest. Is there any printed of
them you can email to me?

Particular that would be useful is

  1. is the equipment small enough (tabletop size) that I can fabricate one
    in a home machine shop? 2. what are the dimensions of the hydraulic ram,
    its stroke and its operatiing pressure? 3. what is your mold material? 4.
    how do you make the molds? 5. what kind of materials or metals can you
    form with this press?

Thanks in advance.

Kelvin Mok

Kelvin Mok (

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