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Welcome - Carol A. Crowell

Welcome Carol! Hey what part of the Carribbean? I’m asking,
because I’ve lived off and on, on the islands of St. Croix and
St. Maartin. Family is still there, and so are an awful lot of
jewelry stores. No Taxes of any kind on St. Maartin. Whee!

Best of luck,
Lisa,(suddenly prolific), Topanga, CA USA

Hello,Lisa how nice of you to reply. However I’ve been to St.
Maarten, wonderful place, food at the Lo Lo’s was magnificent. My
travels take me to Nassau, Bahamas. My business partner dives for
conch shells of all types and sizes and then sells the entire
shell or makes brooches, pendants, necklaces from the inside
,usually pinkest part of the shell. We nned a tool that would
help cut them intact. This forum has beeen great and someone
responded immediately . Thanks again. Carol