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Welcome - Brian Clarke

Currently I run two week Residental Silversmithing Workshops during the
Summer. My own work ranges from Jewellery to sculpture. See my home

Not THE Brian Clarke?!! Welcome. I’ve seen your ads in Metalsmith.
By the way, where is your home page? We need an URL.

B r i a n � A d a m J e w e l l e r y E y e w e a r �
@Brian_Adam1 ph/fx +64 9 817 6816 NEW ZEALAND

Welcome to the list! I had the pleasure of meeting you at the SNAG
conference in Seattle and I am sure we will all benefit greatly from your
presence here. For those on the list who don’t know about it, Brian runs a
very cool workshop program in a lovely area in Ireland. I hope to get
there myself some time. - Deb


Hello! I met you at Mass Art with Joe Wood. I keep threating to take
your classes, but now that I am finally out of school…

Hope to see you in Ireland next summer. Can you post a URL to some info
on your classes? – Karen Christians Fly Fish Design 282 Lexington St.
Woburn, MA 01801


Current Artwork:

Thanks for your message Brian.

I am busy with workshops at the moment.

see my address below.

Brian Clarke
Silversmithing Summer Workshops in Ireland