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Welcome - Barbara and Harley Groff

Hi Barbara and Harley. Sounds like you are ambitious, your own
shop. I’m sure you’ll get lots of help from these lovely Orchid
people–one suggestion, if I may? Unless you are absolutely,
completely into creating your own exclusive line of jewelry–you
might consider, as a quick way to build a varied inventory,
contacting some of these talented people and making an
arrangement to take some of their work on consignment? Metal
(and all other, for that matter!) artists are always looking for
outlets for their wares, and you sound like you have a built-in
outlet there? I used to have a small shop, and took consignment
work; also later placed some of my paintings (ah! multi-talent!)
on consignment at other galleries–your consignee decides on the
price they want, you decide on what profit you want to make for
marketing the piece, and add your commission to their price.
Simple; lets you build a really great, varied stock, and gives
artists an outlet.

Sharon Holt, aka