Welcome back Hanuman.....!

Hanuman: we sure are glad you’re back, we all missed Orchid ALOT!
Hope you had some nice time off…Dave

Welcome back Hanuman! Hopefully your vacation went very well, as it
was certainly well deserved. A special thank you for all your work
on this wonderful list!

I have a question…for some time now, i have had on my bench what i
am told is a tortoise shell necklace. the jump rings holding together
the segments are also of the same material. one jump ring has
shattered, the rest have spaces large enough for the necklace to fall
apart (due to the sawing in their production, there is a significant
space in each ring). also, one of the segments has snapped in two–at
the clasp, a “peg and hole” type. i have no idea where to start with
this thing. if any body has any suggestions,
i’m open to them, thanx, erhard.