Welcome - Anna M. Miller, G.G

Hello Anna: Would you kindly send me some info on your
program. You can contact me at work 6222 Richmond Ave, Suite
780, Phone 713-784-5888 or at home 281-568-5072. I would also
be interested in into on the residence program. It would be a
nice write off vacation. Thanks, Ed

Ms. Miller:

I have two of your books on appraising and really like them. I’m
glad you are here, I’m sure you can add an authoritatiive voice
to the discussion. I would like some info on the Program you
have and I would like the names of the other three books. maybe
others would like to know more about these things on the list, or
if you will, e-mail me and let me know how to get the info I
would like. Thanks!