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Welcome and thank you to David H Fell & Company

Welcome and thank you to @DHFCO. Below is a message of introduction from @DHFCO :

Hello Orchid

For over 40 years, David H Fell & Company have been honored to serve the jewelry industry by providing gold, silver, palladium & platinum products and refining services.

David H. Fell provides not only our standard in stock colors but we specialize in custom designer colors exclusively made to your needs.

We manufacture most forms and can provide custom sizes. If you have a special project then please consider relying on us.

As a refiner we process gold, silver, platinum, and palladium for many industries, including: Jewelry, Pawn, Dental, and Electronics. And as a manufacturer of precious metal mill products we supply: Alloys, Casting Grain, Sheet, Wire, Tubing, Discs, and Solders.

Thank You
Ken Babayan
Product Manager


Hey Ken…

(These are the nicest folks to work with) ,
I’ve been with they and the original founders since 1965…
Just a plug.

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Thank You Jim, it’s a great forum and we are proud to be a part of it.

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