Weight of stud earrings

I’m making a custom pair of studs with 18 k and fine silver, and will flush set with diamonds from the customer’s old ring. I’ve made the metal part but I’m wondering now if there is a standard upper weight for studs - these are 2.8g and I wonder if that is too heavy? Thanks, Sue

I’m not sure about your limits on studs, but I would weigh some large hoop earrings or other large earrings to get a feel for the weight.

I’m not a lady, but I see earrings out there that are so heavy that they literally are stretching the wearers ear holes!

My gut feeling is that 8.5gm is probably ok.



The issue with heavy stud earrings is that they have a tendency to flop towards the floor. So then the only way they look perfectly balanced on the ear is if one bends over at the waist and looks at them in a mirror on the floor:-)
I have made and wear some pretty heavy studs. I’m now 70 and my ear lobes have thinned making the downward flop even more pronounced. The way I deal with it is to use extra large “Cowboy Hat” earring nuts Ear Back Extra Heavy 14k Yellow Gold | 14K Extra Heavy Ear Nut | earring backs butterfly with the addition of a clear plastic disc
or Omega backs.14K 13-14mm White Saltwater Mabe Pearl Omega Back Earrings - Reflections Fine Jewelry When it comes to jewelry my motto is “go big or go home.”


Thank you. I found a pair I’d made that were about the same weight & size and wore them for a day and they were fine. I am using the backs with the disc these days (not gold though), largely because they feel safer to me. Cheerio