Wedding bands designer?

Hi Everyone,

A friend of mine is getting married in the fall and she has asked me
for help in finding a wedding band. She does not know what style she
wants, however definitley not commercial type. I would like to give
her a list of websites to go to so she can see handmade wedding
bands and contact the jeweler whos work she might be interested in.
I thought I would ask all of the creative jewelers on orchid who
are interested to email me if they have websites with wedding band
pictures. I will relay these websites to my friend so she can look
and if interested she will contact you. If you do not have a
website but live in New York City I will give her your name and
phone number so she can contact you. If anyone specialiezes in
wedding bands, please let me know.

Diane Sadel

Hi Diane, I don’t have a web site at this time. Here’s a few
scanned images of rings that I’m known for. I’m originally from NY,
but now live in Seattle, WA. Take care, Andy Cooperman.

All rings are gold, either yellow, white or rose, 18k or 14k. Any
yellow stones are yellow diamonds.

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Hi Diane,

I would be delighted if you would have your friend check out my
website, at , and I also have a few bands
at that
have not yet made it onto my website. Please let me know if I can be
of further assistance.

Best regards,

Hola Diane, I recommend you the Website of the Master James E. Binnion
" Mokume Jewelry and Objects ". The majority of his Artwork is in
wedding, engagement and commitment rings, Exquisite!

Please go to the next URL:

Greetings from the City of the Mountains!


Wedding Bands: Some of the most amazingly detailed work that I have
seen in a long while. Look up the work of Alex Sepkus. He is in
NYC. I saw his work at a retail store in Sarasota, FL and was truly
impressed. Margery F. Cooper Jewelry and Judaica

 A friend of mine is getting married in the fall and she has asked
me for help in finding a wedding band. 

Diane I don’t made many wedding bands, but I would urge you to check
out the guy who made mine. (This is in answer to Poppy Vincent, as
well. I doubt he made the original, but he might be willing to do
something similar only probably better.) I refer you to Thomas
Herman, whose business is called Seven Fingers Jewelry. He is a really nice guy, does
unbelievable work, all hand carved, engraved and pierced, not cheap,
but well-priced, in my opinion, for the skill, beauty, and
materials. HTH Noel

Hi Diane, custom wedding/commitment rings is what I specialize in.
I’ve got more than 250 photos with descriptions on my site to get a
pretty good feel for my style. I’ll be happy to answer any questions
your friend has. cheers, Michelle Handcrafted jewelry
online Creating what you want in gold, platinum and silver