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Ladies and gentlemen, sit down, strap yourself in, make the sign
of the cross, for you are about to enter the wicked world of
Richard Hughes, the Devil’s Advocate himself.

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– Marvel at such oddities as the amazing corundalope, the most
bizarre of the corundum gems

– Watch in awe as a ruby doublet is extracted from Richard
Hughes’ cranium

– Feast upon articles covering all aspects
of precious stones, like:

  • “Foreign Affairs: Fracture Healing/
    Filling of Mong Hsu Rubies”
    “The Naked Eye: A Diamond’s Worst Friend”
    “Cloak & Dagger: The Politics of Opticon”
    “Heaven & Hell: The Quest for Jade in Upper Burma”
    “Dogfights: Dealers vs. Gemologists.”

  • Archives of Richard W. Hughes’ notorious
    “Devil’s Advocate” column

  • Commentary from writers and visitors

  • And the website’s centerpiece - samples from
    RUBY & SAPPHIRE by Richard W. Hughes

– Best of all, the entire site is uncensored. Material excised
by scalpel-wielding editors has been faithfully restored!

Here’s what folks are saying about RUBY-SAPPHIRE.COM

: I checked out your site. Very impressive. : Initial reaction:
“Hey, I’m proud to know this guy.”

  • David Squires, Editor, GemKey magazine

: Your site is great. Really enjoyed your : emerald treatment
commentary. Wish the industry : saw things this way. It would
make the : emerald trade so much “cleaner”.

  • Jeffery Bergman, Gemsource, Bangkok

: Hi. Just visited your website and was properly : impressed. I
particularly liked the ruby being : repeatedly extracted from
your cerebral cortex. : It didn’t even look as if it hurt.

  • Brenda Forman, freelance writer

: Beautifully designed and easily accessible,
: Richard W. Hughes’ web pages will ravish those
: looking for something special in the gem field.
: Saying he is controversial, as many do, is not
: necessarily a problem: in other fields, it is
: the rule, and actually often advances the field by
: bringing fresh views and arguments. Even if you
: don’t agree with everything written, there are
: many things in these pages that will make you
: think and wonder. And this is certainly a good
: enough reason for sparing the time to visit.

  • Olivier Galibert, Eye Company, Ltd., Paris

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“The price of wisdom is beyond rubies.” Job 28:18