[Webinar] Jewelry Retailers Top 10 New Years Resolutions

Jewelry Retailers Top 10 New Years Resolutions
By my Retail Manager Guru HARRY FRIEDMAN

As many of you know Harry helped me in my store many years ago, to
institute sales goals, commission structure and sales training to
increase our sales. David Geller

This Thursday Harry is giving a FREE 45 minute, quick, easy and down
and dirty webinar on Harry’s Top 10 Resolutions SPECIFIC to our
industry. here’s more:

THURSDAY, JANUARY 12 - 11:00am-11:45am Pacific Time Mountain -
12:00-12:45pm; Central - 1:00-1:45pm; Eastern - 2:00-2:45pm; GMT -

What lies ahead for your stores in 2012? Shoulda, coulda,
woulda…all over again?

Or are you ready to make some changes to get where you really want
to go?

No more “economy” excuses. Time to reassess and make it happen.

In this webinar, international retail authority Harry J. Friedman
will share the Jeweler’s Retail Resolutions that will help you build
a high-performance culture and flat out boom your sales. And with all
those extra trips to the bank, you might even lose a few pounds to

Commit to the retail resolutions that will show you:

How to drive the Be-Back Bus back into your store
Your top sales priority this year - know what it is?
The missing person that might take your sales to another level
How tough love earns respect and eliminates sales-draining store
Why putting lipstick on a pig won’t bring you more traffic
How to plug the leak in your talent pool
How to get the truth about what your business may be missing
A recipe for building a near-perfect chain of retail stores
How to “ring” in the New Year with more sales
For more or for a complimentary consultation on how you
improve the performance of your sales and management staff, give us a

CALL 800-351-8040

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Keynote Presentation
APRIL 22 ~ 8:30-9:45AM

“How Changing The
Way You Manage
Your Staff Can
DOUBLE Your Sales!”

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I highly recommend attending this webinar
David Geller