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Web site design

I’m looking for advise from members regarding a retail jewellery website for our store.

We had paid a company in the US; Punchmark; to design a website for us. After giving them thousands of dollars, they promised a site within a couple months. The dragged in out for over a year while they focused on growing their business. They pushed us to pay them the final payment and launch the site. To this day, they still have not completed all the features promised and to add insult to injury they’ve raised their monthly fees from $150/month - $600/month.

We have been hustled by conmen and are considering a lawsuit against them.

In the mean time, is there any reputable web designers that focus exclusively on jewellery?
Were looking for diamond and gemstone search, jewellery inventory from companies such as stuller, ability to load our own in house jewellery, accept payments, connect to our social media, etc.

Any comments would be appreaciated. Easy to use and cost $0 for the non-eCommerce version…Rob

Give Alexandra a call
She is very good and resonable.
John Lentini

I designed and manage the site for a small jewelry store in FL (use to work for them). I used squarespace for their site (and mine as well) and it’s really versatile and looks great. I had reps from punchmark call our store for months trying to convince the owner to use them and they were never really up front with what they offered or the prices so I was very weary of using them. I was able to get everything you’re looking for using squarespace (or you can use any other web design platform.) offers design and reasonable fees. My website is simple and i do not do e-commerce.
Hope you can solve without being fleeced again. I