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[Web site] Cubic Zirconia, Moissanite, etc

Fellow Orchidians, Hello! Which would be the best websites/resources
for on Cubic Zirconia, moissanite and similar stuff?

Second, would appreciate if fellow Living Creatures could provide info
on names, addresses, mailer ID’s, etc. of suppliers/mfrs. of Cubic
Zirconia. Are there similar synthetic diamonds by another name?
Thanking everyone in advance for trade leads provided and God bless
you all in your endeavors,

Lalit Jhaveri

Lalit, This is another example of a time when having trade experience
does not mean one is knowledgeable. Cubic zirconia is not synthetic
diamond. It is used sometimes as a diamond substitute. White zircon,
white sapphire and a number of other materials are used as diamond
substitutes but none of them are synthetic diamonds. Actual synthetic
diamond is available in limited quantities as well.

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G.
Spirer Somes Jewelers
@spirersomes is a good starter spot. Moissanite is being
marketed as its own thing, not as a replacement for a diamond. It’s
fairly pricey, falling at about half the cost of diamonds I think.

It has a lot of interesting properties, is very hard and durable, and
has even more fire than diamonds.

I’m not sure how white they’re getting the stones though, or how
large a size in which they’re available.

The material is silicon carbide. Britannica is a good source of
background info:
I don’t know much about CZs.

Britannica has a bunch of info:

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