Web site: Chasing / Repousse

Hi Folks, During the past several weeks, I had taken some "time off"
to put together materials for my new web site. It is now near its
completion and I thought this posting would contribute to the recent
discussion on Chasing and Repousse!

Hope you are not disappointed - some of my good works were sold long
before I could even afford a photographer.

All designs described as “chased” have been worked from the front (or
outside) of the piece. The “repousse” designs have been worked from
both the front and the back.

More images of silver pieces will be added to the Gallery pages in a
couple of weeks. A new page giving some additional on the
chasing and repousse techniques, as well as tools and materials is
currently under construction, and will be added to the web site

I would gladly take into consideration any suggestions or comments
you may have.


Valentin Yotkov

The URL for Valentin Yotkov’s website is
http://www.valentinyotkov.com/ This is the most amazing and
exceptional metalwork I have ever seen, you must take a look. We are
so fortunate to have such a living Master among us, teaching and
perpetuating this most ancient technique.