Web design program for Mac computer

I have been using Web Studio 5.0 (Windows only) for some time and it has been just, OK. I am now using a Mac and would like to buy a program designed for the Mac that is “relatively” easy to use.

I definitely do not want to use a hosting companies web program should I want to leave them for any reason, it would leave me with a lot of work again.

Any recommendations will appreciated.


Have thought about using WordPress? Very easy to setup and can be moved as
well should you need to change hosting companies.

~ Wendy

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Try using Sandvox. Inexpensive, well supported, easy to use, and receives very good reviews from the Mac-knowledgeable tech world.


Thank you Wendy, I have heard of Word Press never knowing what it really was. I shall look into it.

Thanks again,


Hi Mike,

I am looking at Sandvox. Might work.

Thank you,


Hi Richard,

I use Rapidweaver. Well supported, a whole bunch of neat plugins, and host agnostic.
It’s worked fine for me for years. My website (alberic.net) is built with it, if you want to take a look at things it’s done.


Hi Brian,

Rapidweaver really looks good to me. I will let you know how it works out.