Web-based interactive CAD models

Hello everyone! Wanted to share this link with you as to what our
store is doing to take Matrix to the next level. We have a
programming guru who attached the problem with panache!

We wanted our clients to be able to play with their models instead
of just e-mailing renderings for their viewing. A little creative
web work and this is the result:

Zoom in, zoom out, rotate…

It is in development for further use by other jewelry stores down
the road, but we wanted to share what could be a very real
possibility soon!

Have a wonderful day!
Pedro Llanas

An excellent tool. It will save an awful lot of back and forth. One
useful feature would be simultaneous manipulation, so that the
jeweller can see exactly what the customer is looking at and vice
versa. You might have to talk to some online gaming programmers to
implement something like that.

I especially like how you can see the reflection of the interior of
your shop in the inside of the bands.

Elliot Nesterman