We have made an Orchid connection

We have made an Orchid connection. I always find it exciting when we
chat all over the world and then one question asked finds a fellow
Orchidian just two blocks over. We have shared some good
Thanks Orchid!


I just this minute telephoned M’lou Brubaker in Maine. She wrote to
me asking for some advice on Graver Shaping. Well I took some time
and called heryou know what? She even sang a song to me about what
’this setter’ is doing and helping others(humbled!!)

This is just what Orchid is all about, miles and far distant cities
are only a short stretch with phone calls and emails. Now with the
web, miles are now non-existing.

I am making a new series of setting notes to anyone else who wishes
them. So far I have sent out OVER 300 packages of nd the
list is still growing. why not let me help you folks, and don’t be
bashful. If you can learn just one thing from these pages, then it’s
all the worthwhile,

eh? Gerry Lewy!


I sent an e-mail to our local college Santa Fe Community here in
Gainesville Florida asking them to sponsor your class here.

I am just curious if there is any other Orchid members in this area
who would like to attend a week long stone setting class here in
Gainesville? I need all the info I can get to sell the idea.