" we ALL introduced ourselves"

C.J Wrote:

The GemNet Forum started a lets" we ALL introduced ourselves"
Think it would be a good idea here as well, as there may or may not be a
interest, This is just a idea.

Welcome back:

Charles Newton-Brain - from a working trip in N.Y.
Marck Liccini - from an working expidition and Gem hunting in Brazil.
(Mark, I enjoyed reading your latest review on Tourmaline
Hope to see what your digital camera catched!)

and Hello all:

C.J idea is good; would like to see more of such postings in the future.

A bit about myself.

Name: Dr. Aspler. Please refer to me as Hanuman
General surgeon by profession - In the gem and jewelry business from the
late 80’s, Operating (grin) from South-East Asia. (Bangkok).
Company Name: Ganoksin Jewelry Co.,Ltd. Ganoksin in Thai refers to
a traditional Thai kind of artistics lines and shapes.
Detailed company profile is available at:


Although my formal education focused on medicine, I have been working
within the jewelry industry for a number of years now. I began my
involvements in the industry in the late 80’s as a trader. Eventually,
I elected to open a manufacturing operation - whereby I produced
primarily silver jewelry for export. Ultimately, the scope of my
manufacturing broadened to include gold and precious stones. My
present activities include manufacturing, brokering, consulting, and
sourcing for a number of local as well as international clients.

Most recently, my attentions have progressively focused more and more
on the relationship between the jewelry industry and various
applications of computers within the industry - including designing
and implementing computerized office systems and internet advertising
for gem and jewelry concerns.

One of my more recent projects has been the development of a gem and
jewelry oriented web site that offers its users access to a range of
text content of interest to the industry’s professionals as well as a
collection of jewelry and art galleries available for online viewing.

The overall concept of the site was guided by my observation that the
industry’s participants were becoming progressively more involved in
the net as a medium of communication for commercial purposes. More
and more gem and jewelry professionals were beginning to turn to the net as a
better way of handling their business communications and displaying
their products and services. Although I had used the net as a means
of communication for several years, a site offered something
meaningfully different - not merely a visit to, but a developing
presence on the net; one that could be cooperatively built; one that
would be accessible 24 hours a day. Later additions to the site
featured free advertising services for users interested
in placing gemstones for sale over the net and a collection of web
services including homepage and gallery development to businesses
and individuals interested in broadening their exposure via the net.

We have been u/l a large collection of articles and jeweler’s tips to
our site on a daily basis; along with graphic additions to the jewelry
galleries. Further to the text and graphic additions mentioned above,
we are presently negotiating with a number well known of gem and
jewelry publications to publish portions of their magazines and
periodicals over the net. Our newest site, Ganoksin Online, has been
suprisingly well received by our visitors (we have been fortunate
enough to have more than 3000 visitors to our site within the first
two weeks of opening the site to the public; as well as several
serious inquiries for web and sourcing services) - we hope to be able
to provide our visitors with a great deal of new material in the near

Dr. E. Aspler
Managing Director
Ganoksin Jewelry Co.,Ltd.

  •                     orchid@ganoksin.com                                        *
  •                   http://www.ganoksin.com/                                     *

Dr. Aspler (Hanuman)

I would like to advise you of a new e-mail address. Instead of
@Wastun, would you please direct future Orchid communications to
Many thanks.

Rick Martin
Martin Designs

  •                     orchid@ganoksin.com                                        *
  •                   http://www.ganoksin.com/                                     *