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WD40 substitute

All, There is an issue with lubricants like wd40 that many people are
unaware and that needs to be discussed again. Once the evaporative
chemicals are spent from the initial application you are left with a
sticky oil. The oil attracts dirt and dust and can build up on
tools causing joints, hinges etc. to get gunked up and can affect
the finish on metal going through your rolling mill. Besides the
annoyance factor, the dirt can further obstruct the smooth operation
of your tools and call for more regular cleaning in order to avoid
premature wear and to restore proper function.

The cure is a substitute that you can get at many auto parts store
and bicycle shops that is not oil based but wax based. This product
does not attract dust and dirt like other lubricants thus avoiding
these problems. The only downside that I have come across is that I
have only been able to find it in spray form. I believe there is
more than on one brand available and I am not trying to promote any
one particular brand so go to the above mentioned stores and make
some inquiries. It is worth it.

Larry Seiger