Ways to promote my teaching studio

I am a follower of the Orchid thread for jewelers. I have been
reading for years. I recently opened a Store and Gallery in Portland
Oregon. I had been teaching in a Bead Store for 5 years. (Previous
teaching experience in Conn…Brookfield School 8Yrs, and Chicago
Beverly Art center 8 yrs. ) I taught Begining Jewelry and Metal
working. I was busy every weekend for 4-5 years. This store went out
of business suddenly. I am starting a new venture in an Artist
Building that is Light Indusrtial and Retail. I am advertising via
free events calendar’s in Portland Oregon. I posted a web site with
links to my classes. I would appreciate any ideas of other ways to
try and promote my Teaching Studio. We are hosting guests to teach
from the Portland area as well. This 1st Thursday we will have a
Native American Bead Weaver demonstrating her techniques using Hand
Made Looms. I would appreciate any feed back or ideas to get the Ball

Sincerly,Barb. K.

Hi Barb,

You may want to try contacting your local arts guild. I often post
upcoming workshops for members of the Michigan Silversmiths Guild.